Automatic Phone Dialer Software

The Arbeit Software automated calling system enables you to make more connections, with less downtime than other automatic phone dialer software.

How did we know exactly what the collection industry needs in their automatic phone dialer software? Years of collections experience!

We understand the challenges and frustrations that keep you up at night. We tested and developed this program just to make your life a little easier.

Why Choose Arbeit Software?

It’s pretty simple – our software will put a smile on your face! It’s:

  • Cost-effective. Our rates are among the lowest in the industry, yet still the highest quality.
  • Clear calls. Quick set up. And a user-friendly interface.
  • Fully featured. Everything you need to collect or sell more effectively, nothing you don’t.

Spend less time dialing and more time connecting. Try it yourself for FREE or contact us to learn more.

Key Features:

Simple call list mapping

Configure your file once, and our system will remember for the next time. Import a 100,000-number file in just seconds – with no configuration needed in most cases.

Start where you left off

Didn’t finish your call list today? No problem, the dialer will start your automated phone calls tomorrow, right where you stopped.

Worry-free compliance

No calls are ever placed outside allowed legal times determined by area code and time zone. You can even update your own customizable DNC list on the fly.

Easy-to-use reporting

Download files from automated calling system in CSV format for easy integration with all major spreadsheet applications.

Custom messaging

You’ve got full control. Record it yourself, reorder elements or use our text-to-speech options.

Sophisticated text-to-speech

Target specific people from your automatic phone dialer to increase contact ratios and convey target-specific messages.

Efficient call routing

Our unique SIP to SIP link back routes automated phone calls directly via an SIP connection. This avoids routing the call multiple times – a big money saver for compatible phone systems.

Live look-in

Watch live calls to catch and resolve issues quickly and increase uptime.