We are happy to announce Arbeit Software’s totally new product that is a must have for any company where sales staff is on the phone. Does this sound like your company? If so, keep reading.


Arbeit Voice Dashboard with Pie Graphs

This is an amazing hosted VoIP solution for your office that comes with so many features.

Full PBX Functionality

This includes ring groups, call recording, advanced call flows, multiple inbound DID’s and more.

Mobile Capabilities

No longer are your sales people limited to only their desk phones to make calls. With Arbeit Voice, you can take this software on the go as well. Calls do not have to stop while your staff is traveling. Arbeit Mobile is one of the best features that is fully integrated with Arbeit Voice.

Call Queues

There is nothing worse than missing out on an opportunity due to long hold times or accidentally skipping over someone. With this feature, customers will be taken in the order in which their call was received.

Agent View

Once an agent is ready to begin their day, they can easily login to their personalized view and begin accepting calls. While logged in, you can view all of their calls including: missed, made and accepted. This view also supports calls that were abandoned in the queue and the average customer wait time. This view will allow you to see a clear picture on the calls made to your business.


Call Users and Active Devices


Ready to give Arbeit Voice a try? Call us now, our representatives are standing by!



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