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Small Business 101: Episode 53 – How To Achieve Sales And Marketing Alignment

How To Align Sales And Marketing

Sales and marketing obviously complement each other, but how do you actually align them for the best results? In today’s episode, Alex and Spencer discuss how to achieve sales and marketing alignment.

The Key Points

  • Align sales and marketing metrics. If revenue is the main way you’re judging sales or marketing, have that be the key metric for both teams.
  • Have the marketing team go to sales trade shows. This way, the marketing team can directly interact with consumers and build a better customer persona.
  • Increase collaboration between the two teams. Have the marketing team sit in on sales meetings and vice versa or have them work on the same floor. Since sales will have more direct contact with the consumer they can provide insights for the marketing team.
  • Centralize your marketing and sales data. This way, if a sale is made, you can see what marketing channel the lead came in from and focus marketing efforts there.

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