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Debt Collection 101: Episode 44 – How To Take On Compliance Management

The Importance of Debt Collection Compliance

In today’s episode, Alex and Spencer are interviewing Vincent Raphael, director of Compliance at Advanced Capital Solutions! We’ll be discussing the future of the collections industry, The importance of compliance management, some of the biggest problems that hold back compliance, and how to boost up your compliance management skills. Check out their conversation to learn more!

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Small Business 101: Episode 24 – Tips for Office Productivity

Office Productivity Tips and Advice

Last week, we discussed how an office layout can contribute to office productivity. This week, we are talking about tips for office productivity. While we believe that a healthy, friendly work environment is important, we know that getting into a workflow can be difficult with a lot of distractions. In this episode, Alex and Spencer discuss what kind of distractions different job roles face, and how to circumvent them to maximize productivity.