This Is How a 3-Second Pause Kills Live Contact and Invites a Lawsuit

If you are using software that has not eliminated the 3 second pause from every dial, you are losing 75 percent of your opportunities to collect on an account.

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Man Sitting Down and Looking at His Phone

Why a VoIP Phone System Will Be the Norm in 2019

VoIP is starting to become chosen more and more frequently over traditional PBX phone lines. We explain why.

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Officials Judging a Court Decision

Cases in Point: Kraninger Faces the FDCPA Music

On December 6, Kathy Kraninger was confirmed as the new head of the CFPB. Her long-awaited appointment relieved the interim director Mulvaney of his duties.

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Debt Collection 101: Episode 65 – Interviews at the ACA Fall Forum

Last week, Arbeit hopped on a plane to Chicago for the 2018 ACA Fall Forum. We had some questions for attendees and we’re sharing what we found! Read more

Should You Use Social Selling?

Small Business 101: Episode 47 – Should You Use Social Media Selling?

Using social media as a way to pitch to prospects is a technique on the rise. So how exactly does “social selling” fit in with sales?

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What Is the TRACED Act?

Cases in Point: What is the TRACED Act?

In the most logistical terms, it’s the Telephone Robocall and Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act.

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