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Small Business 101: Episode 48 – Bad Business Advice? “3 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Business”

Bad Business Advice? “3 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Business”

As business owners, we hear a lot of good advice, but we also hear some bad business advice that we can safely ignore. In today’s episode, Alex and Spencer discuss a piece of advice you shouldn’t believe when starting your business.

Key Points

  • There aren’t just “3 Questions” to answer before starting a business. There’s more depth to starting a business. You won’t be a millionaire with just three questions.
  • It’s good to have a business that solves current problems, but your company also must be willing to adapt to new industry problems.
  • Businesses and competitors are constantly evolving, and you need to change too. You likely won’t be solving the same problem or have the same unique product forever.

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