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Cases in Point: What About Government-Backed Debt?

The Case of a Government-Backed Student Loan – What Does the TCPA Say About Government-Backed Debt?

What does the TCPA say about government-backed debt? Nothing, actually, according to Green v. Solutions.

  • In 2005, a student loan was obtained under the Federal Family Education Loan Program
  • The program guarantees the loan against default
  • After 17 payments, the plaintiff defaulted
  • Navient Solutions began contacting the plaintiff to collect on the debt
  • After asking the representatives not to call her multiple times, she eventually filed a lawsuit
  • Navient rebutted by saying because the Loan was guaranteed by the USDE, the prior consent requirement did not apply
  • The court agreed – because the loan was guaranteed by the government, the calls were exempt under the TCPA

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