Arbeit Connect

Arbeit Connect is perfect for any business looking to improve collaboration inside and outside of the office. Reliable VoIP phone service, video conferencing, and instant messaging via your desktop or mobile phone allows you to collaborate from anywhere at anytime.

Softphone and Video Conferencing Interface on Arbeit Connect

Arbeit Connect in Action

Voice, video conferencing & instant messaging combined into a centralized system at one price – $29.99 per extension for new customers. Zero additional costs. Unlimited connectivity.

Softphone, Video Conferencing & Group Messaging on Desktop in Arbeit Connect

Unified Team Communications Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way.

No hardware, no hassle. Arbeit Connect is fully cloud-based. Hosted at our headquarters in Buffalo NY, our network of top tier carriers provide optimal call quality. Communicate via voice, video or chat from anywhere at anytime. Best of all, we place no limits on your talk time.

The Features & Support You Need at One Affordable Price

We’re known for our responsive & talented in-house support team that takes care of you before, during & after the setup. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that if critical issues come up, your business won’t be left hanging. We do everything we can to keep your business running smoothly.

Support Agent Wearing a Headset to Chat With a Customer Over The Phone
Marketing Updates Group Message in Arbeit Connect

Hybrid, Remote & Mobile Teams Re-Connected

We’ve bridged the gap between on-site workers & virtual teams. Multiple platforms with long learning curves can become a barrier to communication & collaboration. With Arbeit Connect, every employee has everything they need to stay connected via voice, video, and chat in an easy-to-understand unified system.

Everything You Need in One Centralized System

Superior Call Quality

HD Video Conferencing

Call Queues 

Unlimited IVR

Screen Sharing

Secure & Encrypted Connection

Full Mobile Capabilities

Instant Messaging

Responsive Support Team Housed Internally

Stay Connected, Stay Productive.

“I really like being able to see the statuses of who’s online, offline, away, etc. so I can keep track of where my agents are when they’re remote.”
Travis Irving
HRI Group

Get Connected

You don’t have to deal with the chaos of multiple bills for the features you need, or confusion of having to manage multiple platforms any longer. You’re one step closer to a more connected & collaborative remote, hybrid or on-site team.

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