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How One Collection Agency Grew During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With Arbeit’s TCPA compliant calling solution and voice broadcast dialer, Enhanced Recovery Services grew its revenue by 18% during the pandemic, despite projecting a loss of 45% at the start of it.

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For debt collection agencies, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially tumultuous. 

Charles Gilley, CEO & Founder of Enhanced Recovery Services, explains how in March 2020 he had predicted a 45% loss in revenue. With new guidelines and restrictions amid a rapid transition to remote work for debt collection agencies, brought on by the pandemic,  Enhanced Recovery Services needed to accomplish more with fewer resources.

With 11 employees in total and over 9 years of experience owning a collection agency, Charles and his team had been using Arbeit’s VoIP phone system to make calls manually.

“Besides the typical pitfalls of dialing manually, we were unable to track our stats and see how productive our agents really were,” he shares.

Dialer + Click + Voice = The Perfect Trio

The pandemic revealed the inherent weaknesses involved with manual dialing on a large scale. This led Charles to consider utilizing a dialer in tandem with Voice, Arbeit’s VoIP phone system. 

After inquiring about Arbeit’s voice broadcast dialer and TCPA compliant calling solution, in addition to considering alternative options from competing vendors, Charles made the decision to stay with Arbeit. 

He determined that using Arbeit Dialer (our voice broadcast dialer) and Arbeit Click (our TCPA compliant calling solution) alongside Arbeit Voice would be the best option for boosting revenue growth during the pandemic & beyond.

He was able to see how our dialer solutions could boost productivity, and help him monitor and evaluate his collector’s performance. Additionally, the customer service, industry expertise & product reliability he had experienced while using Arbeit Voice was unmatched.

“Everyone at Arbeit knows my name. I absolutely love that,” Charles says.

Performance Monitoring Capabilities

When Charles began utilizing Arbeit’s TCPA compliant outbound solution and broadcast dialer, his collectors were so excited about the opportunity they had to make more money than ever before.

These additional products of ours enabled him and his team to look deeper into the liquidation rates, efficiency rates, the number of disconnects and, his number one metric: talk time, at his agency.

Arbeit Click, Dialer & Voice Can Help Your Agency Grow

The ability to grow is in your hands, and Arbeit can help.

Charles and his team turned a 45% projected revenue loss into 18% growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were able to experience this unprecedented revenue growth, despite the challenging circumstances, by using Arbeit’s TCPA compliant calling solution and voice broadcast dialer in addition to what they had been using before the start of the pandemic, Arbeit’s VoIP phone system.

Company Name

Enhanced Recovery Services




Debt Collection

Tools Used

Arbeit's TCPA Compliant Calling Solution,
Voice Broadcast Dialer & VoIP Phone System


Revenue Increased by 18% During a Pandemic

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