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Debt Collection 101: Episode 56 – Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Regulations: Are Debt Buyers Debt Collectors?

Are Debt Buyers Subject Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Regulations?

Though a previous case went against debt buyers falling under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act regulations a new case might turn that ruling around. In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the Tepper vs. Amos Financial case and what it means for debt buyer regulations.

Key Points

  • The court case, Henson vs. Santander Consumer USA said the debt buyer was not subject to the FDCPA because they’re not a collector.
  • However, there’s another court case that came out recently. It was Tepper vs. Amos Financial, and basically, this said Amos Financial buys mortgages, and then they collect on them. That’s what their primary business is. They are therefore a debt collector and subject to FDCPA regulations.
  • Moral of the story, If you’re a debt buyer and all you do is collect on the debt that you buy I think it’s safe to say that you’re going to be subject to the FDCPA.

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