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How many times do your phones go down in a month? In a fast-paced industry, you need an affordable & reliable phone system that can keep up.

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We know that the flow of information between the point of origin and the point of consumption is crucial to how you operate. Meeting your customer’s requirements means you need only the most reliable resources. We believe we’re fit to the task.

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Your Priorities are Our Priorities

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Details are our cup of tea. Down to our intuitive interface, our in-house designers and developers work to create software experiences that enhance your productivity and see your plan through, from idea to execution.




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Access to Support



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Arbeit is a great resource for call centers, especially in debt collections. They wired our office and we have been using their products for years. They’re great all around. I’d recommend them to anybody who owns a collection agency or any call center.

Robert Bass
Robert Bass
Collection Agency Owner

I chose Arbeit because I run two business, and both deal with walk-ins from the public. Sometimes there isn’t enough of me, so I depend on voice to take my messages and be dependable so I can respond to my client in a orderly fashion.

Mary Ann Hess
Mary Ann Hess
Small Business Owner

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We stay on top of the latest in TCPA and FDCPA litigation, small business trends, debt collection best practices, and more so you don’t have to.

This Is How a 3-Second Pause Kills Live Contact and Invites a Lawsuit

If you are using software that has not eliminated the 3 second pause from every dial, you are losing 75 percent of your opportunities to collect on an account.

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Why a VoIP Phone System Will Be the Norm in 2019

VoIP is starting to become chosen more and more frequently over traditional PBX phone lines. We explain why.

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Cases in Point: Kraninger Faces the FDCPA Music

On December 6, Kathy Kraninger was confirmed as the new head of the CFPB. Her long-awaited appointment relieved the interim director Mulvaney of his duties.

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