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Integrating your dialer and phone system can help maximize profit. One agency uses our products Click and Voice to enhance productivity and generate profit, all while maintaining compliance and positive interactions with consumers.

  • Client Allegiant Capital Recovery Services, LLC

Two-year-old debt collection agency Allegiant Capital Recovery Services has straightforward objectives. First, to maximize production by activating as much debt as possible that yields maximum revenues. Second, to maintain a positive rapport with consumers over the phone. Our suite of contact software was able to meet those objectives head on – here’s how.

Office Phone System

Prior to signing on with us, they were using a phone service that was not only unreliable, but had limited access to customer support.

When they signed on with Arbeit Voice, they were able to completely eliminate dropped calls and phone system outages.

Without the interruption of lost service, their productivity only came to a halt when they decided it should.

TCPA Compliant Manual Dialing Solution

Before using Arbeit Click, Allegiant felt there were boundaries around their productivity as well. With only 8 agents, they needed something powerful, yet manageable and accurate.

Many agencies know the struggle of attempting to remain TCPA compliant and avoid a lawsuit can often lead to a paralyzing list of regulations. Without the right software, it’s difficult to circumnavigate these regulations without a severe repercussions to productivity. Many agencies throw up their hands and decide that the lawsuits are a necessary evil if they want to make any kind of profit.

When considering switching to new dialing software, Allegiant knew two things:

  1. They wanted to emphasize productivity
  2. They also wanted a provider with a reliable reputation in the industry

That’s where we came in. We’re not just known for dedication to productivity; our software is trusted by more than 300 collection agencies nationwide.

Using Click, Allegiant is able to sweep through thousands of accounts per day, with 8 agents.

At the same time, Allegiant is able to filter out dead numbers and unlikely payers so they can focus on the right accounts that will yield the most profit.

By using Arbeit Click as a filter for both, Allegiant is able to easily maximize profit and productivity, all while cutting down on the risk of a lawsuit.

Click is far more developed and advanced than a typical broadcast dialer,” said owner Dan Bienko. He also appreciates the dedication to tech support – “I can always reach someone who can help if needed.”