How many times do your phones go down in a month? How often do your sales reps not make enough calls for the day?

The Best Thing About Working in Sales is Speed.

Your day moves fast, and luckily our products are equipped to match your pace.

Pass on leads to the right hands easily

Keep track of calls and progress in individual user portals

Use custom dispositions to track progress and organize contacts

Arrange endless strategies to maximize profit

The Best Thing About Working in Sales is Speed.

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Calls Per Hour, Per User

Calls Per Hour, Per User

Savings When You Switch

Savings When You Switch

Increase in Profit

Increase in Profit

Take It from Them

I chose Arbeit because I run two business, and both deal with walk-ins from the public. Sometimes there isn’t enough of me, so I depend on voice to take my messages and be dependable so I can respond to my client in a orderly fashion.

Mary Ann Hess
Mary Ann Hess
Small Business Owner

When you hear a manager say, “Click is up,” our collectors literally run to their desk as fast as they can cause they know that’s where the money is going to come from that day. It’s almost like being back in school when the teacher says “it’s recess time.” Click is fun, and it’s productive and they know they’re going to make money off of it, so they run to do it.

Paul Sims
Paul Sims
Collection Agency Owner

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