Whether your business is a 100-person collection agency or a 5-person marketing office, Arbeit has products that scale to your problems. Our simple-to-use but extremely powerful autodialer drives contact no matter your size. And for TCPA compliance, we’ve spent over a year perfecting a TCPA compliance solution using the latest technology to ensure your business reaches its potential of success. Meet the people that made these call center solutions just for you.

Alex Villafranca

Chief Executive Officer
Alex is a Nerd and proud of it, outside of work he will either be golfing, playing video games or

Allan Rossi Lisboa

Chief Engineering Officer
Allan is from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Since his infancy his sharp and logical mind made him create or imagine solutions for all

Alonzo Rainero

Chief Information Officer
A long time ago in a city close, close by… Alonzo was born. Since he was young he has always

Richard Hacker

Chief Technology Officer
Richard Hacker is a native of Buffalo, NY and graduated the University at Buffalo. In his free time, Richard enjoys

Spencer Farrell

Director Of Business Development
As the Director of Business Development Spencer’s primary responsibility is making sure all of Arbeit’s customers are successful. He is

Alexandra Palmer

Office Manager
Alex is a Buffalo native and has been an Office Manager for the past 4 years. Alex prides herself on

Joseph Tilton

Marketing Manager
Joseph is responsible for implementing marketing strategies at Arbeit to increase brand awareness as well as research effect marketing tactics
  • 501 John James Audubon Parkway
  • joseph@arbeitsoftware.com

Rachel Barbato

Graphic Designer
Originally from Rochester, NY, Rachel has made her way to the Western New York area to further her career as

Jason Stroehlein

Sales Representative
Jason is the account sales executive with Arbeit software. His job is building relationships with decision makers of collection agencies

Pedro Rodrigues

Head Of Software Quality Assurance
Pedro is a good fella, always relaxed and in search of patterns to understand and reproduce errors. Fascinated with testing

Felipe Cotti

Software Quality Assurance
Mr. Cotti’s trademark is his joy in leaving you speechless. Felipe started his journey in the Minas Gerais hinterlands, but

Fabio Carvalho

Fabio have always had a strong desire to learn everything deeply, shallow information never satisfies him. If you don’t see

Igor Soares

Igor is a software developer who loves traveling and learning about different cultures. He holds an Information System bachelor degree

Mario Freitas

Mário is one of the software developers at Arbeit. When he isn’t working, he would probably be changing his baby

Daniel Rossi Lisboa

Software Quality Assurance
As a tester, Daniel is responsible for testing all the software developed by Arbeit in order to guarantee the quality

Rafael Bergo

Project Manager

Charles King

Chuck is a software developer with Arbeit. When he’s not at work you can find him playing hockey, tennis, and

Dustin Paul

Dustin is a software developer, mainly writing code and developing applications. Outside work he likes to play video games, and

Ashley Campanella

Sales Representative
At Arbeit, Ashley is a sales representative. She started here in March of 2016 as an administrative assistant, then was

Lucas Tardioli

Lucas is your typical nerd – working with programming is a strong indicator. On his free time, he likes to

Juliana Grandi

UI/UX Designer
Juliana is a DIY-adept super nerd. When she’s not working you can find her playing video games, watching movies and

James Kortleven

Jim is a Yonkers-born, NJ and NYC-raised developer of programs and learner of languages. Within the workspace he gladly puts

Jonathan Ieraci

Marketing Content Developer
Jonathan is the youngest nerd at Arbeit and proud of it. He was born and raised in Lewiston, NY. He

Jeff Scheib

VoIP/Hardware Wizard
Jeff is a born and raised Buffalo boy, hardware specialist, phone guy, certified network tech, and Viking. Initially educated at

Brandon Faicco

Brandon was born and raised in Candyland, Canada. My hobbies involve cross country skiing, knitting and I was on the