Alex Villafranca with red mountains in background wearing sunglasses

Alex Villafranca

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO Alex is responsible for setting the company direction and strategy, along with that he takes on the role of leading the marketing team, crafting and maintaining the Arbeit brand and ensuring it is seen and felt from every angle, and is the client's voice at the Arbeit office. Alex takes pride in the current Arbeit brand and is always striving to make sure the brand is maintained and seen not only by clients but the employees of Arbeit. The Arbeit brand personality is

One of Alex's biggest motivations to push Arbeit to the next level is to reward everyone at Arbeit for all their hard work getting us where we are today. Arbeit offers profit sharing to all employees and since its implementation, yearly profit-sharing checks for individual employees have ranged from $3,500 to $21,000. On top of this, Arbeit also offers full health coverage, generous PTO of 25 days as well as paid paternal and maternal leave.

Alex is a Nerd and proud of it, outside of work he will either be golfing, playing video games or in the kitchen. Currently, enjoys winning chicken dinners in PUBGS with fellow Arbiters.

Alex was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He graduated from Williamsville North High School in 2007, then attended Erie Community College to option his Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems. After school, he decided to open a collection agency with current co-founder and CIO of Arbeit Software Alonzo Rainero. While operating this agency Alex and Alonzo were sick of using the outdated and inefficient auto dialers on the market for their office, so, this is how Arbeit began. Arbeit’s first product Arbeit Dialer was designed for internal use in their collection agency. Once in use, they quickly realized its potential and decide to pursue their passion in the tech space and officially open Arbeit Software in 2013.

Professional Achievements:

Alex performed a critical role in winning Arbeit the best Tech start-up of the year award from Info Tech WNY (2015) as well as Fast Track Companies of Western New York award in 2017. He was also honored as a 30 under 30 in 2017.

Creative Marketing 90%
90Complete (success)
Client Voice 95%
95Complete (success)
Nerdiness 100%
100Complete (success)
Brand Development 80%
80Complete (success)