Allan Rossi Lisboa in a grey suit with a blue tie

Allan Rossi Lisboa

Chief Engineering Officer

Being Chief Engineering Officer, Allan has a crucial role in structuring and developing Arbeit. Allan is responsible for taking ideas and transforming them in software. It's his role to coordinate and work with the development team to ensure that Arbeit products meet the demands of our clients, providing the necessary tools so that they reach their goals.

One of Allan's great motivations is challenge. To design and provide the best solutions to our clients it's not always easy, but it's fulfilling when the software is ready. The client uses it, approves and wants more. Ensure security, usability and accessible interfaces, and a perfect code is his goal, and is one of the reasons why Arbeit is still growing.

Allan is from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Since his infancy his sharp and logical mind made him create or imagine solutions for all areas, from simple and complex software development to rocket prototypes. Outside the working hours you can find him playing World of Warcraft, watching Star Trek or simply travelling and trying to conquer a new continent of his choosing, and also conquer Africa, Asia and Oceania.

After joining Computer Science and having his skills raised over 9000, Allan had the opportunity to meet Arbeit’s other founders in the same manner as most nerds meet, playing World of Warcraft. The partnership in game became a real life partnership when he was invited to develop the first project for the company that was forming. Since then, Allan, Richard, Alex and Alonzo created not only a software company but a factory for solutions.

These days Allan and the whole development team continue working together to create new products and always improve the existing ones, using the newest technologies, completely integrated with the new market demands and for our clients. You need, we develop. Simple as that

Code Optimization 110%
110Complete (success)
Arcane Mage Level 110%
110Complete (success)
Interface Design 10%
10Complete (success)
C++ (always learning) 99%
99Complete (success)