Ashley Campanella

Customer Success Manager
  • 844-444-4401 Ext. 111

At Arbeit, Ashley is a customer success manager. She started here in March of 2016 as an administrative assistant, then was got asked to do sales about 8 months after that. Ashley actually went to school for psychology, so she never thought she would be doing sales but she loves it! Ashley travels a lot to ACA (American Collectors Association) events to meet new people and talk about Arbeit’s products. We released a new product called Click in the beginning of this year, so she does demonstrations to about 4-7 companies a week for that product. So if one of you are reading this, don’t forget to sign up :)! Working at Arbeit is a really great experience for her!

She loves dogs, in the future, she will be a “crazy dog mom” for sure. Right now, Ashley has two black labs, Sadie and Molly and although a little crazy she loves them. Ashley would go into detail about why she loves dogs, but really what is there not to love?!

Ashley started to golf this year, now she is a little addict. Golf 3 or 4 days a week this summer, and love it. When she got her first birdie, she was dancing around the green like a maniac. Watch out for her at the golf tourneys! Every Sunday she is a couch potato and watches football all day: Go Bills! She loves the stranger things series, Ashley watched the whole first season in two days. The best Ash fun fact is that she is a wine enthusiast; sweet wine is her ultimate favorite.

Personality 100%
100Complete (success)
Client relationships 95%
95Complete (success)
Video games 5%
5Complete (success)
Sales 90%
90Complete (success)