Brendan DeGal in the woods kneeling.

Brendan DeGal

UI/UX Designer

Brendan is a passionate designer, most interested in human factors of usability. He spent two years working as a graphic designer and illustrator before landing his first UX Design job in 2015. The job was with an IOT startup where he built user interfaces for companies like NRG, MTA, and Stop & Shop.

Here at Arbeit, he is combining his knowledge of design, with a user-centered approach, to create the best possible experiences for our clients. Brendan will always be a student of design. He is constantly looking for inspiration studying works by masters like Saul Bass, David Carson, and Olly Moss, while also staying on top of web design trends (for research purposes). As a contrarian, he would never do anything “trendy” unless he absolutely had to!

Outside of Arbeit, Brendan works as a freelance illustrator and designer. His clients range from mom & pop shops to advertising agencies. When illustrating he combines pen and ink drawings with digital coloring techniques to get an end result that looks handmade. To add to the handmade DIY aesthetic, he uses minimal color palettes and silkscreen printing techniques. In a world filled with Instagram filters, autotune, and grids, the imperfections of his illustrations are what gives them character and charm.

Other Interests/Hobbies:
-Literally Every Genre of Music
-Video Games
UX Research 90%
90Complete (success)
UI Design 95%
95Complete (success)
Problem Solving 100%
100Complete (success)
Playing With Shapes 100%
100Complete (success)