Buxees Singh

  • bsingh@arbeitsoftware.com

Buxees is an experienced developer who primary focus has been middle-ware and
back-end development. In his career, he has worked on UIs and front-end behaviour,
Database Administration, System Administration, DevOps, Architecture, Analysis,
and even project management. He has experience with numerous languages, frameworks,
operating systems, databases, and environments. He also has some background in
Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Simulation.

Buxees makes it a point to learn a new language, framework, or other major admin
skill at least once a year. He also actively contributes to and works with several animal shelters, the Buffalo homeless shelter, and other charities.

Buxees is an active member in the local Sikh community, the Network of Religious
Communities, and the National Conference for Community and Justice. He and his
wife are well-known in the local karaoke circuit — especially his wife. For
relaxation, he reads math contests, PhD qualifiers, scientific and engineering
journals. He also is a tournament chess player and tournament bridge player. He is also

Software Development 65%
65Complete (success)
Other Techie Skills 40%
40Complete (success)
Mathematics and Other Abstract Nonsense 90%
90Complete (success)
Karaoke 75%
75Complete (success)