Emily Faracca standing along side a brick wall.

Emily Faracca

Content Creator

Emily is the content creator at Arbeit. In her position, every day looks different, and that’s how she likes it. Whether she is curating an Instagram story or researching a court case blog post, she strives to communicate clearly and effectively so everyone can see how brilliant Arbeit is to work with.

Emily grew up in Getzville, N.Y., a small suburb in Western New York, and after graduating from the University of Buffalo with a B.A. in Communication, she moved downtown to immerse herself in the city of Buffalo she barely knew. She fell in love with the surrounding neighborhoods and is now settled in the Hertel Avenue scene.
Although Emily doesn’t have a background in marketing, she brings experience in reporting, legal publishing and SEO copywriting to Arbeit. She also managed a juicery, so she can provide a good detox recipe if needed. In the marketing department at Arbeit, she learns something new every day about SEO strategy, photography, ad writing and the best way to engage a customer.

Emily is an aspiring gardener, and so far has successfully kept one fern alive. She loves to ride her bike through her neighborhood; she is also a fan of a good cocktail. She loves to travel, and at the top of her bucket list is a trip Sicily, to visit the city where her great-grandparents immigrated from. She is a huge admirer of Lebron James, Mindy Kaling, Joan Didion and Neil Patel. She would like to have dinner with all of them together someday and also publish a book of essays.

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