Fabio Carvalho


Fabio have always had a strong desire to learn everything deeply, shallow information never satisfies him. If you don’t see him reading and learning, he will probably be watching sports or movies. He defines himself as an sportsman, rock’n’roll geek, he trully believes that anyone can be good (or exceptional) at anything if you give your best and if you are hard working.

He is also a proud husband and father, animal and nature lover. If you ask him to choose between a luxurious trip and a camping into the wild, he will choose to wake up on the beach in his tent with the rain drops sound and crabs climbing it for shelter.

Fabio was born in São Paulo, Brazil and had lived in several different cities during his life. After school he decided he would be a plastic surgeon, than a biologist and finally he decided to work with IT, which satisfies his needs to be creative and to learn how a computer works internally. He graduated on Computer Sciences in 2004 and didn’t stop working since then, gathering a lot of experience on programming with different languages and different areas such as Telecom, Automation Industry and VOIP.

Nerdiness 70%
70Complete (success)
Creativity 95%
95Complete (success)
Will to Learn 100%
100Complete (success)
Parenting 100%
100Complete (success)