Igor Soares


Igor is a software developer who loves traveling and learning about different cultures. He holds an Information System bachelor degree from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and a Digital Culture and Society masters degree from King’s College London. Igor is an open source software and open data enthusiast who contributed to the field both with code and academic research. At Arbeit Igor is responsible for writing reliable source code that delivers value and security to our clients.

When Igor is outside work he likes to attend to rock n’ roll concerts, play the guitar and read books from his favorite writers: George Orwelll and Jose Saramago. Igor is into software programming but he is also interested in politics, economics and something that Brazilians are very good at: creating memes.

Creativity 81%
81Complete (success)
Sarcasm 99%
99Complete (success)
Programming skills 75%
75Complete (success)
Meme creation 30%
30Complete (success)