James Kortleven


Jim is a Yonkers-born, NJ and NYC-raised developer of programs and learner of languages. Within the workspace he gladly puts his mind to whatever task is on hand, occasionally with the result of bashing his forehead against the wall until the answer arrives in his mind or the brain damage convinces him it has. Educated at WCC and UB, and formerly a student of Mechanical Engineering at the latter, Jim has had the opportunity to work with a number of programming languages, scripting languages, and databases over the years, including C++, C#, Java, XHTML, PHP, and a myriad of others. Far removed from his boat driving, call center, and IT days, he now particularly enjoys looking for small and potential problems and fixing them before they become big problems, as well as confounding his coworkers with rare and inexplicable snack foods like roasted seaweed, dry roasted chickpeas, dried pea soup, and Swedish crispbread.

Outside of the workspace you can find him engrossed in a videogame, meditatively hiking, cheesemaking, breadmaking, relaxing with a beer and medium sized group of friends on the weekend, trying to figure out the delightful madness that is the UNITY programming language, or pretending he knows how to play guitar and accordion.

Within Arbeit, he has had a hand in nearly every development project Arbeit has had for the last few years.

Determination 100%
100Complete (success)
Raw talent 80%
80Complete (success)
Nitpickery 95%
95Complete (success)
Innovation 85%
85Complete (success)