Jeff Scheib

VoIP/Hardware Wizard

Jeff is a born and raised Buffalo boy, hardware specialist, phone guy, certified network tech, and Viking. Initially educated at GCC and he went to Buffalo State soon after for computer and information systems.

Before working at Arbeit he was into the world of computers at the age of 16 working in a small computer repair store doing basic fixes and builds for customers, then on to tier 1 technical support for an internet service provider. A few years later Arbeit found him.

In the office, Jeff handles Free PBX management, Arbeit Voice, network setup and troubleshooting, virtual systems and database management. His regular day consists of aiding our clients in problem-solving, network and firewall setup, server maintenance, setting up Arbeit Voice systems and anything else that requires a wave of the magic “fix it” wand.

Outside of work on a normal day, you will most likely find him sitting at his home computer with a beer either playing games or watching random things on YouTube… or passed out in the chair still holding the beer.

Other outside activities on a not so normal day would include family outings, road trips, kayaking, gardening, electronic music shows and airsoft with the boys!

Hardware Specialist 90%
90Complete (success)
Phone Guy 80%
80Complete (success)
Certified Network Tech 80%
80Complete (success)
Viking 110%
110Complete (success)