Juliana Grandi

UI/UX Designer

Juliana is a DIY-adept super nerd. When she’s not working you can find her playing video games, watching movies and series, reading, embroidering images of her seven cats, scrapbooking or even cooking. At Arbeit, she’s responsible for UI design, UX and software interaction.

Juliana was born in the Minas Gerais hinterlands, but raised in the capital city. A graduated journalist, received her degree from the FUMEC University in 2005, and has since worked with photojournalism, radio, layout, advertising and digital marketing. When the opportunity to work with design came up, she took it and never left again. She also got a degree in Graphical Design and a post-graduate with Interaction Design, and nowadays one of her drives in life is to make the world more colorful, accessible and beautiful for software users (or any other graphical media).

Nerdiness 100%
100Complete (success)
Creativity 93%
93Complete (success)
Interface Development (always learning) 85%
85Complete (success)
Graphical Software 87%
87Complete (success)