Michael Sutz holding his dog in his truck.

Michael Sutz

Account Executive
  • 844-444-4401 Ext. 130

Mike is the newest asset to the Arbeit sales team. He is from Orchard Park, NY and graduated from SUNY Cortland. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics with a concentration in International Business and a minor in Computer Applications. He was a swimmer his whole life and is pretty much a fish. He loves to nerd out and game in his downtime. He is also a craft beer connoisseur and makes his own wine. He would much rather be a Ninja than a Pirate, his favorite superhero is Spiderman, and he enjoys every genre of music.

Excel 90%
90Complete (success)
Organization 100%
100Complete (success)
Wine Making 70%
70Complete (success)
Swimming 100%
100Complete (success)