Richard Hacker

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Richard is responsible for handling the infrastructure and systems underlying all of Arbeit's products, as well as developing and optimizing new systems and maintaining the security and integrity of Arbeit's data.

Having worked with Alex and Alonzo dealing with the underlying technologies and internal processes of a collection agency, Richard saw the naturally emergent potential in a stagnant industry for labor-saving automation. Because of this potential, Richard brought together the other Arbeit partners whose abilities together created Arbeit.

With a background in legal, financial, and computer systems and technology, Richard has envisioned the potential for the innovative technologies serving Arbeit's clients today.

Some of Richard's responsibilities include:

Richard takes pride in the integrity of Arbeit's systems and is always motivated to watch for new ways in being prepared.

Richard Hacker is a native of Buffalo, NY and graduated the University at Buffalo.

In his free time, Richard enjoys experimenting with 3d printing, computer graphics, robotics, point-to-point microwave data links, investing, computer strategy games, flight simulators, and PC building (nerd).

Professional Life:

After graduating UB, Richard joined up with Alonzo and Alex running a collection agency from the ground up. From this experience, Richard saw the potential for disruption and brought on Allan, forming the four partners of Arbeit together. After the immediate success of Arbeit Dialer, Richard saw the future market for entirely new and different types of software to augment the efficiency of a human worker in the call center industry.

Richard performed a critical role in winning Arbeit the best Tech start-up of the year award from Info Tech WNY (2015) as well as Fast Track Companies of Western New York award in 2017.

RDBMSs (quick to learn, slow to master) 90%
90Complete (success)
Systems administration 80%
80Complete (success)
Writing the final draft on the first attempt 200%
200Complete (success)
Cooking up a mean spreadsheet 100%
100Complete (success)