Spencer Farrell

Director Of Business Development
  • spencer@arbeitsoftware.com

As the Director of Business Development Spencer’s primary responsibility is making sure all of Arbeit’s customers are successful. He is also responsible for leading the sales team and working with them to help reach new customers (and the sales team loves him.) His high energy and intense desire to succeed makes him a perfect fit.

When Spencer is not working with clients or attending every single ACA event he can he can be found on the golf course. (In case you can’t tell we love to golf.) He holds an MBA from Niagara University (Go Purple Eagles!) which means he has a lot of student loans he needs to pay back so answer his calls…

Spencer was born in Naples Florida and immigrated to Buffalo NY at 8. He is by far the most fun nerd at arbeit (no matter what Ashley tells you) Spencer is a caffeine addict and is never seen without a coffee in hand.

Confidence 100%
100Complete (success)
Listening 95%
95Complete (success)
Grit 110%
110Complete (success)
Ability to take things seriously 25%
25Complete (success)