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Cases in Point: What is the REAL PEACE Act?

First the TRACED Act, and now the REAL PEACE Act. The sudden push for legislation surrounding robocalls certainly raises questions, namely, “Why?” So, what is the REAL PEACE Act? 

AKA: The “Robocall Elimination At Last Protecting Every American Consumer’s Ears Act”.

How exactly will this bill “protect our ears”? Well, remember how the TRACED Act sought to examine whether there are laws currently restricting the enforcement of the TCPA? The plan was to encourage the FCC to meet with other government organizations to identify these laws.

That brings us to the FTC.

According to TCPAland, “The Act proposes to eliminate the long-standing exemption of common carriers from the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission and its enforcement powers.  According to the Bill’s preamble, the exception needs to be eliminated because it limits the enforcement capabilities of the Federal Trade Commission with respect to illegal robocalling and spam calling.”

So essentially, this bill would give the FTC enforcement authority to intervene in the jurisdiction of telecom companies. If this bill passes, the FTC will have the ability to:

  • “Aggressively crack down on these calls and finally hold bad actors accountable,” and
  • “Investigat[ing] telecom services that play a critical role in enabling illegal robocalling.”

All of these regulations bring to question whether it is the responsibility of  the government to solve the ongoing problem of robocalls, when private industries have started to step forward offering tools to consumers. It’s questionable whether giving the government more and more authority is the right step to take.

Emily Faracca

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