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Cloud-based dialers, phone systems & collaboration tools that enable clear & efficient communication.

Are Frequent Service Outages & Complex Systems Impacting Your Team's Productivity?

Frequent periods of downtime + frustration over complicated systems = your money wasted. Switching to Arbeit means paying less for an intuitive communication platform that has easy-to-reach support & minimal downtime.

Free Up Your Time & Money

A TCPA compliant calling solution, voice broadcast dialer, VoIP phone system & unified collaboration tool make up our full suite of cloud-based communication platforms.

Intuitive & Powerful

Skyrocket your team's productivity with easy to use, productive interfaces .

Minimal Downtime

Stop overpaying for poor call quality and subpar service.


Give your calls greater visibility with local caller ID & reputation monitoring.

Responsive Support

Our in-house support frees up more of your time to focus on your business.


Work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Optimal Call Quality

Have more pleasant conversations with consumers, clients & your team.

We get it - there's a lot of unknowns when you switch to a new communication solution.

Will switching cause more stress than it's worth?

Experiencing service outages and waiting weeks to get an answer from support costs you money. Switching to a new communications platform can be daunting, but we make the switch as easy as possible with attentive support that sets you up at no additional charge. 

Will it integrate with my current software?

We communicate directly with your other software providers before and after implementation to determine whether integration is possible, or to develop a solution that allows for integration. We’ll help you determine if integration is possible before you make any commitments.

Is this too good to be true?

Unfortunately, many of us have had experiences where providers over-promise & under-deliver. We aim to do the opposite. Schedule a demo or request a free trial to see our products in action. With Arbeit, what you see is what you get.

Alex Villafranca

CEO & CO-Founder

Alonzo Rainero

CIO & CO-Founder 

Allan Rossi Lisboa

Chief Engineering Officer & Co-Founder

A Solution to a Problem


Two collection agency owners saw deficiencies in the call center technologies & communication systems they were using.


The solution? They decided to design a dialer software that would improve productivity, interactions with consumers, and profitability.


After partnering with their database administrator and a talented programmer, Arbeit was established and the project for Arbeit Dialer, the company’s first product, was complete.


The success of Arbeit Dialer then brought the creation of two additional products, a VoIP phone system (Arbeit Voice) and TCPA compliant dialer software (Arbeit Click).

Communicate Efficiently & Effectively Without Overpaying

Thinking about making the switch? Here's how to get started.


Discovery Call

Schedule a meeting with one of our product experts and we'll work with you to determine which of our solutions are or aren't a good fit for your business.


Take a Test Drive

If you're still interested at the end of the discovery call, you'll have the option to either see a product demo, start a free trial, or both.


Make The Switch

If & when you decide you're ready to make the switch, we'll handle the setup of your new cloud-based communications system at no additional cost.

Find The Right Communication Solution For Your Industry

Although our cloud-based communication tools were designed by former debt collection agency owners, their benefits are not confined to a single industry. Which combination of our solutions make sense for yours?

Debt Collection


Real Estate

Calling Campaigns

Could You Be Having Better Conversations With Consumers, Clients & Your Team?

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