Productivity & Profitability With Less Effort

Arbeit is a powerful, and easy to use contact solutions provider that empowers businesses to have pleasant conversations with consumers. Innovative by nature, we are constantly listening to and understanding the businesses we partner with and developing long term industry relationships that allow us to be proactive in anticipating industry needs

Have More Pleasant Conversations

We stand by the following beliefs that serve as a foundation for the service & products we provide:

Happy customers start with uninterrupted conversations

It’s better to deal with happy customers from the start

Contact software should be reliable and customized

Productivity and compliance can and do co-exist

Have More Pleasant Conversations


Small to Mid-Size Businesses & Collection Agencies Served Nationwide

Arbeit Began as a Solution to a Problem

Two collection agency owners saw deficiencies in the call center technologies & communication systems they were using. The solution? They decided to design a dialer software that would improve productivity, interactions with consumers, and profitability.

After partnering with their database administrator and a talented programmer, Arbeit was established and the project for Arbeit Dialer, the company’s first product, was complete.

The success of Arbeit Dialer then brought the creation of two additional products, a VoIP phone system (Arbeit Voice) and TCPA compliant dialer software (Arbeit Click).

Headquartered in Buffalo, NY with a second office in Brazil, Arbeit continues to offer these core products while innovating for the future and serving collection agencies and small to mid-size businesses nationwide.

VoIP & Dialer Contact Solutions

Contact solutions designed to help small to mid-size businesses & collection agencies effectively communicate with consumers.

Arbeit Click

TCPA compliant outbound calling solution that’s just as powerful as any auto dialer.

Arbeit Dialer

Reliable voice broadcast dialer system built for productivity.

Arbeit Voice

Hosted VoIP phone system solution supported by our network of top tier carriers.

Arbeit Connect

Unified cloud communication & collaboration in a single solution.

Meet the Arbeit Team

Alex Villafranca

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Alex is responsible for setting the company direction and brand strategy. He also leads the sales team.

Allan Rossi Lisboa

Co-Founder and Chief Engineering Officer

Allan is responsible for taking ideas and transforming them into software that meets client’s demands.

Alonzo Rainero

Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer

Alonzo is responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining infrastructure for all services.

Alexandra Palmer

Director of Administration and HR

Alex is a Buffalo native and prides herself on her work ethic and strong organizational skills.

Tracy Montour

Director of Marketing

Tracy is responsible for driving results through marketing and is a proud dog mom.

Rafael Bergo

Project Manager

Rafael enjoys the challenges of understanding a product or process and helping an organization succeed.

Pedro Rodrigues

Head of Software Quality Assurance
Pedro and Arbeit are in such a tight embrace, you just can’t split them apart anymore!

Daniel Rossi Lisboa

Office Coordinator – Brazil

Daniel’s goal is to make Arbeit the best place to work in the world! He always has a smile on his face.

Candace Pregitzer

Office Coordinator – US

Candace loves to travel, loves dogs & enjoys the outdoors. You can always find her being active!

Gregory Houston

Senior Developer

Greg has been making and breaking software since his teens. He does both manual and automation testing.

Luiz Bueno

Senior Front End Developer

Luiz loves technology and DIY things. He also loves to play guitar with his band and make his own beer.

Felipe Cotti


Felipe loves to see all pieces connecting, so programming and everything around it is a natural call.

Lucas Lobo

Test Analyst

Lucas values smooth user experience and software polish. He is also a digital artist and gaming hobbyist.

Igor Soares


Igor is responsible for writing reliable source code that delivers value and security to clients.

Lucas Tardioli


Lucas is responsible for system analysis and development, and project lead for Arbeit Click.

Leandro Custodio


Leandro has a passion for software architecture and coffee. Outside work, he enjoys soccer and guitar.

Mathew Ferron

Tier-1 Tech Support

Father, Veteran, student and IT professional with a passion for tech, motorcycles and the open road.

Jeff Scheib

VoIP / Hardware Wizard

Jeff’s day consists of anything that requires a wave of the magic “fix-it” wand.

Brandon Faicco


If you ever have a problem, you’ll speak to Brandon. He is known around here for his 6 monitor set up.

Nick Villafranca

Tier-1 Software Support
Nick considers himself a jack of all trades. If he doesn’t know how to fix it, he will figure out how.

Ashley Campanella

Customer Success Manager

If you’ve worked with Arbeit, you know Ashley! She helps clients understand & work with our products.


Brendan combines his knowledge of design with UX to create user-centric experiences for Arbeit’s clients.

Emily Faracca


Emily handles Arbeit’s digital content and online presence. She prides herself on a perfectly filtered photo.


Eleanor combines her knowledge of SEO, PPC and UX-Focused Design to optimize the Arbeit website and strengthen our presence in search.

Kaitlyn Filippi

Market Research Analyst

Kaitlyn is an avid traveler, photographer and baker. You can always find her carrying a camera.

Nicholas Wheeler

Account Executive

Nick is a certified plant dad, disc golf enthusiast, and enjoys the challenge of the weekly crossword.

Mike DeSimone

Account Executive

Mike is a customer service wiz, certified office DJ, and prides himself on being the Bills biggest fan.

We’re Really Friendly.

Arbeit has always and will always put our clients first. We know what it’s like to be oversold and left in the dark, so we’ll never oversell you, or try to sell you at all, for that matter. We like to have products that speak for themselves. It’s important for us to share our story, who we are and where we came from.

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