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How to Use Social Media in Debt Collection To Improve Your Brand Presence

Until recently, the words “debt collection” and “social media” were rarely seen in the same sentence. On the whole, debt collection agencies steered clear of social media, out of a hesitancy to be easier to find by angry or disgruntled consumers. As far as the industry was concerned, it was just another place to get burned, judged or unfairly attacked. In 2022, it’s a whole new world for social media in debt collection.

What Can You Do If Your Calls Are Being Labeled As Spam?

The crackdown on illegal robocalls from the highest levels of government has been swift, beginning with the TRACED Act in 2020 and continuing in iterations of enforcement. The problem with swift enforcement is that the kinks are not always ironed out, and as a result, many legitimate callers are experiencing the aftermath of actions taken. If you are experiencing mislabeled calls, and your calls are legitimate, you are probably operating in a cycle of frustration. All you want to do is reach consumers to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. How do you do it?

How To Proactively Improve Your Online Presence Using Consumer Compliments

In this episode of Debt Collection 101, Jeff DiMatteo walks us through his strategy for telling his own story through consumer compliments and client reviews. If you’re ready to take control of your own narrative as a debt collection agency, our conversation with Jeff will get you started on the right path.

Five Major Benefits of Consolidating Your Vendors

Whenever possible, consolidating your vendors can have a huge impact on your time, productivity and even revenue. There are five specific ways consolidating your vendors will impact your office. Read this to learn how you’ll benefit from consolidating your vendors in as many areas as you can.

Debt Collection SMS

How Different Generations Prefer to Communicate With Debt Collection Agencies

The generation we belong to determines a lot about us: The clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the social media platforms we use, and what we’ll discuss here: the way we prefer to communicate.

The 4 Costs Of Unscheduled Downtime In The Debt Collection Industry

Whether you are an agent who is unable to do any part of your job, or a manager who is struggling to find ways to keep your team productive and engaged, downtime can be inconvenient – but it’s also costing you.

What is Arbeit?

TCPA Compliant Calling Solution

Arbeit Click is our TCPA compliant outbound calling solution with live monitoring, call blending, an intuitive interface, and more.

Voice Broadcast Dialer

Arbeit Dialer is our powerful voice broadcast dialer with custom messaging, smart call lists, and live monitoring.

VoIP Phone System

Arbeit Voice is an affordable phone system that’s suitable for any small to mid-size business looking for exceptional support & clear communication.

Unified Collaboration Solution

Arbeit Connect has the same great service & call quality as our other products, but with additional video & messaging features that facilitate collaboration.

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