Success Stories

Our customers share how they use our cloud-based communication tools and superior support team to succeed in their specific industry.

Speed Global Services, a logistics services provider, was able to unify communication & reduce costs.

Advanced Capital Solutions, a nationally licensed collections, accounts receivable & portfolio management firm was able to double amounts collected.

Allegiant Capital Recovery, a debt collection agency, was able to compliantly maximize productivity.

Mary Ann Hess, a small business owner, was able to improve communication & cut costs across her 3 businesses.

Carter-Young, a debt collection agency, received better phone service, support & features at 75% of the cost.

American Collections Enterprise, a debt collection agency, was able to improve productivity & compliance using a technology upgrade.

Why Arbeit?

“I love the personal touch. Things get taken care of immediately whatever the situation is, I don’t have to wait and get put on hold, or wait days for someone to get back to me. Arbeit never turns their back on their customers.”
Mary Ann Hess
Owner of Niagara's Honeymoon Sweets
"I can't imagine changing vendors; I see this as a very permanent partnership."
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Patrick McNemar
President of American Collections Enterprise
"Now I can take the money and aggravation I’m not spending and put it towards other things to advance the business."
Michael Jeselnik
General Manager at Carter-Young, Inc.
“When I request things, I know it’s gonna get done and it’s off my plate. It opens up my plate to help other people with what they need to get done.”
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Jerry Hoff
IT Specialist at Speed Global Services