Solutions for the Debt Collection Industry

Reach More Consumers in Less Time

Cloud-based dialers, phone systems & collaboration tools designed by former debt collection agency owners that empower agents to focus on what they do best – collecting.

Collect More, Stress Less

Dynamic Caller ID

Spend more time collecting & less time dialing with local area codes that match the contacts you call out to.

TCPA Compliant

We've removed the incriminating 3 second pause so you can stay TCPA compliant & productive.

Press-1 Campaigns

Allow consumers to take action & respond to your messages in the way that’s most convenient for them.

Intuitive Interface

Empower agents to exceed their goals with easy-to-use dialer, phone system & collaboration software.

Voice Broadcasting

Automate monotonous tasks with features like smart call lists and live monitoring.

Built for Productivity

Attract & retain more motivated collectors with tools that make collecting easier, faster, and effective.​

We get it - you need a platform that will integrate with your debt collection software.

That’s why we communicate directly with your debt collection software provider before and after implementation. 

First, we determine whether integration is possible. 

If integration is possible, we then work with your debt collection software provider to develop a solution that facilitates integration between the two platforms.

With Arbeit, you’ll never be left in the dark. We’ll help you determine if integration is possible before you make any commitments.

Our cloud-based calling solutions can easily be integrated with multiple debt collection platforms. If you’re using a collections software that isn’t listed, contact us and we’ll work with your provider to determine if integration is possible.

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& any web-based CRM.

Powerful & Intuitive Communication Solutions for
Debt Collection Success

Although our communication platforms are useful in several industries, they were primarily designed to meet the ever-changing needs of debt collection agencies. Our solutions were created by former debt collection agency owners who wanted to use a product that was more efficient than those already on the market.

Arbeit Click

Arbeit Click makes it easier for agents to reach consumers efficiently and compliantly.

Arbeit Dialer

Use Arbeit Dialer to automate monotonous tasks and reach more consumers in less time.

Arbeit Voice

Minimize downtime and save money on your monthly phone bill with Arbeit Voice.

Arbeit Connect

Communicate with your team via voice, video & instant messaging on Arbeit Connect.

Debt Collection Industry Resources

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